Vow Renewals

by Emma Dunleavy-Dale, Independent Celebrant in Birmingham

Vow Renewals 

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate and renew your commitment to continue to love and support one another with a Vow Renewal Ceremony.

Through good times and bad; in times of sickness and health; whether you’ve had a life changing experience (for better or worse) or purely want to commemorate your years together with more significance than a simple party. I say, ‘Go for it!’ And celebrate your true and lasting love for each other in a way that suits you both best.

fellowship of professional celebrantsIt could simply be the right time in your relationship to remind yourselves (and others) of your unending love; in which case, renewing your life-long commitment to one another is the perfect celebration.

 Whether it be a traditional Ceremony to mirror your original promises, or something with a modern twist; an Independent Celebrant is the perfect choice. An Independent Ceremony means you can renew your vows at a time and location of your choosing. Privately, or in the company of family and friends. 

It may be that certain things did not go to plan on the original day, or that certain people in your lives could not be there. Having a Vow Renewal Ceremony could be the perfect opportunity to right these wrongs.

There may be new additions to the family who you would love to be part of this important and ongoing commitment you are making to each other, and who you could involve in the ceremony by way of ritual or reading; dancing or singing; playing the guitar; sawing you in half! Whatever works best for you both!

Above all, this Ceremony is your opportunity to authenticate the ongoing significance of your original vows to each other. Allowing you to celebrate the depth of your love for one another over the years, as your relationship has developed and grown.

Do not hesitate to get in contact if you would like to discuss your big day ‘mark 2’ with me in more detail. I would be only too happy to join you and get involved in your Ceremony’s planning!

Happy Customers! 


You made the day memorable and awesome!

We are still receiving compliments on how beautiful, personal, amazing and moving the service was.

Thank you for making our special day all the more special. 

A Ceremony all about the two of you.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to check my availability for your date.

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E: emmadunleavydale@icloud.com