Naming Day Ceremonies

by Emma Dunleavy-Dale, Independent Celebrant in Birmingham

Naming Day Ceremonies

Whatever the life changing event is you wish to celebrate by way of a Naming Day Ceremony, an Independent Celebrant is the perfect solution, and something I would be delighted to support you with.

The traditional new arrival of a baby into the family is one such reason, but there are others too. You may have adopted a baby or child. Or you might wish to celebrate expression of your identity/gender along with the name that suits you best.

Whatever your reason, a Ceremony allowing opportunity for family and friends to come together and officially welcome a ‘new’ arrival truly acknowledges the significance of the occasion.

A Naming Ceremony can of course take place at a venue or spot of your choosing and you can include family and friends as guide parents, god parents or guardians for the special day, affirming their promises to play a supporting role to you/your child depending on who the celebration is for.

Should you want to incorporate readings, songs, prayers, speeches, promises, rituals (tree planting, bubbles, hand/finger painting, candle lighting, sand ceremony etc.), all or none of the aforementioned; this really is the beauty of an independent celebration. With no set format to follow, we can omit or include whatever feels right for you and for this most special day.

It would be an absolute pleasure to join you and get involved in your Naming Day Ceremony’s planning! Do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss the day with me in more detail.

Happy Customers! 


Thank you again for writing a beautiful ceremony. 

After you left, people were saying what a thoughtful, inclusive and personal Ceremony it was, and I couldn’t agree more.

The Ceremony exceeded all of my expectations… there was plenty of love, laughter, tears and emotion from all of the guests too!

For fees and to discuss your Ceremony without obligation, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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