by Emma Dunleavy-Dale, Independent Celebrant in Birmingham


A Memorial Ceremony may be apt for many reasons. It may have been the funeral of a loved one was too painful to bear or even attend, or that family and friends were unable to attend; something that has been particularly pertinent during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It may be that your loved one opted for direct cremation or that they decided to leave their body to medical science. Whatever the reason, the opportunity to celebrate your loved one’s life by saying a final farewell with family and friends present is fundamental to the grieving and healing process.

A Memorial Ceremony led by an Independent Celebrant can take place at a time and day of your choosing and with no restrictions on timing or set format, can mirror that of a Funeral Ceremony including a Eulogy and other tributes, readings, blessings, rituals, music etc. or indeed anything else. It can also be something quite different in its design and format, relaxed or formal; at a traditional venue, a pub, club or other favourite spot or even held at home depending on individual preference. 

An opportunity to honour your loved one, now gone; a Memorial Ceremony can be mindful and respectful as well as loving and fun. 

It would be my sincere pleasure to meet with you, discuss your wishes, and together find the right words to ensure the most fitting of Memorial Ceremonies is written and delivered to simply celebrate and remember your loved one’s life.

For Fees and to discuss your Ceremony without obligation, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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