Living Funerals

by Emma Dunleavy-Dale, Independent Celebrant in Birmingham

Living Funerals 

We celebrate birth and new life as the happy and joyous occasion it is; a miracle no less. But seldom do we see the opportunity to celebrate life as having been no less a miracle as death approaches.

You may have received a terminal or ‘end of life stage’ diagnosis which will naturally foster a deeper philosophical perspective on life; the cycle of life all humans must follow; and our preparing to accept the end of life as being a very real part of that cycle.

A Living Funeral Ceremony is the perfect way to celebrate the life you have led with those most important to you, alongside you. It can also serve to relieve the taboo around death and dying, which still exists for many of us across the UK in particular.

To include family, friends, pets and/or significant others in the occasion and as part of your Living Funeral is a rare opportunity to share memories, tell stories, sing songs and praises in a ceremonial way. Listening to tributes written for you; choosing the music; the readings; the poetry or something else entirely that has significance for you; even writing your own Eulogy can all serve as an extremely cathartic experience for you and all involved.   

Led by an Independent Celebrant there is no set format with which your Ceremony must follow. It can take place at a time and day of your choosing and at the place of your choosing too. Rituals can also be incorporated into the Ceremony to fully involve those present (written letters, tree planting, time capsule, candle lighting, fire ceremony and so on) with the Ceremony itself being a pre-cursor to the party of your life!

Above all, it is the chance to celebrate the life you were given, and the opportunities made along the way. The paths you followed, the hopes and dreams whilst also acknowledging all those you cherish and who have supported you on your journey, whilst affording them the same opportunity to celebrate you and all you have given to them.

Please do contact me to discuss your Life Funeral in more detail, as I would be only too happy to join you in your planning for this most amazing of Ceremonies, ensuring it offers the perfect farewell and celebration all at once.

Let's tell your story!

For fees and to discuss your Ceremony without obligation, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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We weren’t sure what to expect and it turned out wonderfully!

Beautifully written. It made me cry reading it.

Giving family and friends the chance to accept where I am at and permission to move forward was feeing for us all.

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