Divorce Healing / Separation Ceremony

by Emma Dunleavy-Dale, Independent Celebrant in Birmingham

Divorce Healing / Separation Ceremony 

The very first Ceremony I conducted was a Divorce Healing, and although this may sound initially quite solemn; it immediately taught me that even in times of great sorrow and loss can come healing and happiness, particularly when shared ceremoniously with loved ones.

Accepting your relationship started from a place of love (and which may have also blessed you with children) but that it did not work out the way you had hoped is not always easy. A Healing Ceremony gives you, and those closest to you, permission to acknowledge this and come to terms with the fact that life will continue, just simply on a different trajectory. It can also aid the process of grief and feelings of loss experienced through separation and divorce felt by children, friends, family, and most acutely by you.

Indeed, with any experience of loss, there is so often its taboo, which can leave even those closest to you unsure of what to say; often saying nothing at all. A Healing Ceremony affords all involved the opportunity to be honest and open. To offer support. To remember the past with fondness, understand separation is sometimes simply the right option and crucially recognise that endings also bring with them new beginnings which can be exciting for all.

Whether your Divorce/Separation Healing is one of mutual consent, for which you may choose only close family attend (e.g. you and your former spouse, children and perhaps grandparents and/or significant others) and in which case a small and intimate Ceremony can be crafted. Or whether it be something unforeseen and for which you would like to mark by way of a Ceremony and celebration with your family and friends; the focus being one of ‘moving on’ and which supports you solely in your transition as a single person; again, with an Independent Celebrant, the perfect Ceremony can be planned and written to suit. 

The Ceremony can include readings, tributes, music, ritual (fire ceremony, candle lighting, letter writing and so on); in fact, anything which will support you and those closest to you to move on with a renewed sense of vigour and vitality.

Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss your Ceremony in more detail. It really would be a pleasure to join you in your planning and write a Ceremony that brings joy as well as healing.

Happy Customers! 


I just especially want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for officiating my amazing Divorce Ceremony. I love, love, loved it!

I am still gushing about how you were able to bring originality to the day and my guests were blown away with it all. 

Wow! Just wow! What a blast. I am so ready for the next chapter now and I can’t wait to see where my new life is going to take me!

For fees and to discuss your Ceremony without obligation, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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